Consultation on New Burial Strategy for Dumfries and Galloway

A burial strategy is a requirement of the Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Act 2016. The new strategy will help shape the future management of our service, the maintenance of the council's 187 cemeteries and churchyards, as well as how the council would develop new cemetery sites.

Why are we consulting?

We're consulting on a new burial strategy for Dumfries and Galloway. 

A burial strategy is a requirement of the Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Act 2016.  The new strategy will help shape the future management of the service, the maintenance of our council's 187 cemeteries and churchyards, as well as how our council would develop new cemetery sites.

On 4 April 2023, Communities committee agreed the scope and consultation mandate. You can read the committee report here and the mandate here.

The consultation period ends 25 August 2023.

What is the consultation process?

The consultation process is comprised of:

1.    Community conversations (June 2023)

  • Our Community Assets and Ward Working teams are holding a series of community conversation events across the region this month to consult on a new burial strategy for Dumfries and Galloway.
  • Community conversations are an opportunity for residents, business and stakeholders to engage directly with the council, and to help shape the new strategy.
  • There is an event in each of the council's twelve wards, as well as two online events.  Staff will be at the events to provide information, listen to your views, and to support you in completing the consultation survey.

2.    Focus groups (June to July 2023)

  • There are focus groups with key businesses and stakeholders to help shape the strategy.  These include with funeral directors, monumental masons, health and social care partnership, and the regional interfaith group.

3.    Wider consultations using online survey (June to August 2023)

  • We will consult with other stakeholders not represented in the first two elements, including but not limited to community councils, and health, age, and bereavement charities.  You can complete the survey below:

Complete the online survey >>

List of Community Conversation Events

FOCUS GROUP - Book to attend the next Focus Group meeting on Tuesday, 18 July at 10.30am or 7pm on Microsoft Teams. Email to be sent Teams link.

  • Presentation events 2 to 3pm, unless stated.
  • Drop-in events from 3 to 5pm, unless stated
  • For presentation and drop-in events there is no need to register.
  • For online events please email us at stating which online events you are attending - 22 June or 28 June, and we will then email you the Teams link.



Ward name 

Venue address and postcode 

19 June 

Ward 2 

McMillan Hall, Dashwood Square, Newton Stewart DG8 6EQ 

19 June 

Ward 7 

Kirkconnel Miners' Memorial Centre, 1 Needle Street, Kirkconnel DG4 6ND 


20 June 

Ward 9 

Georgetown Library, Gilbrae Road, Dumfries DG1 4EJ   


20 June 

Ward 10 

Presentation 3pm to 4pm 

Drop-in 4pm to 6pm 

Victoria Hall Complex, Downie's Wynd, Annan DG12 6EE 

21 June 

Ward 12 

Richard Greenhow Centre, Central Avenue, Gretna DG16 5AQ 

21 June 

Ward 1 

Stranraer Library, North Strand Street, Stranraer DG9 7LD 

22 June 

Ward 11 

Moffat Town Hall, High Street, Moffat DG10 9HF 

22 June 

Online Event 

 7pm to 8.30pm 

On Microsoft Teams 

26 June 

Ward 5 

Dalbeattie Town Hall, High Street, Dalbeattie DG5 4AD 

27 June 

Ward 8 

Lochthorn Library, Edinburgh Road, Dumfries DG1 1UF 

27 June 

Ward 3 

Kirkcudbright Bowling Club, Church Place, Kirkcudbright DG6 4AF 


28 June 

Ward 6 

The Bridge, Glasgow Road, Dumfries DG2 9AW 

28 June 

Online Event 

7pm to 8.30pm 

On Microsoft Teams 

29 June 

Ward 4 

Castle Douglas Town Hall, 5 St Andrew Street, Castle Douglas DG7 1DE 

What happens next?

1.    At the conclusion of the consultation period, responses received will be collated into an initial Summary Paper and shared with all consultees registered to receive further information.

2.    The findings of the consultations will then be considered by Communities committee on 3 October 2023.

3.    Consultees will receive further information in the form of We Asked, You Said, We Did.

4.    A strategy will be written for consideration at a future meeting of Communities committee.

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