Lifelong Learning

The Lifelong Learning Service is an integral part of Dumfries and Galloway Council's Communities Directorate. Lifelong Learning is a universal service targeted at those who need it most and which supports independence, self-confidence and essential skills for life and work.

The Service works with a wide range of third sector and public sector partners to deliver accredited and non-accredited learning opportunities which includes core life skills, literacy, numeracy, digital, communication, confidence, English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL), Family Learning and Coach Education for Sports Coaches.

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  • Resources are focused on supporting those experiencing poverty; those with no or few qualifications; those with low confidence levels; those involved with the justice system; parents and families; and ESOL learners (which includes Syrian refugees).
  • Lifelong Learning supports individuals to improve life chances by enabling them to achieve personal development goals or gain a qualification, and progress to positive destinations such as employment, volunteering, or further learning.  The service also supports children, young people, parents and families to improve outcomes.

Contribution to key plans/policy

The service is a key contributor to the Community Learning and Development (CLD) Partners' Strategic Plan. The plan's vision is for a strong region where people work together to improve their quality of life, work and wellbeing. We will develop best practice in Community and Learning Development to effectively work with people to realise their aspirations.

If you want to find out more on what CLD is all about then please watch our short, animated video below:

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There is a specific focus on:

  • Improved life chances for people of all ages, through learning, personal development, and active citizenship
  • Stronger, more resilient, supportive, influential, and inclusive communities
  • The Service makes a significant contribution to the delivery of the D&G Children's Services Plan, Anti-Poverty Strategy and D&G CLD Partners' Plan and lead on a number of key actions/projects associated within these.
  • The Service also makes an important contribution to the Council Plan and the following Council priorities
  • Improve the level of skills within our communities and workforce
  • Ensure early intervention, in particular to keep our region's most vulnerable children safe
  • Raise ambition and attainment, in particular to address inequalities
  • Tackle the causes and effects of inequality and poverty
  • Ensure that local people and communities are at the heart of our decision making
  • Other key contributions include to the raising attainment, equity and excellence agenda in Education, and delivering against national strategies in relation to ESOL, literacies and digital.

View the Lifelong Learning Quality & Standards report below:

Please see a link to our padlet for resources for learning

View the Lifelong Learning Brochure for 24/25 below:

How to make a referral 

For more information, please see a copy of the referral process:

Referrals to Lifelong Learning service are voluntary for people to participate in and referrals should be completed with a person's consent. A referral may be accepted or signposted elsewhere if it does not meet the criteria of the service. Please refer to service area of work and service offer -

If a person does not meet the criteria, this will be discussed with the professional or person who made the initial referral.

This is a confidential service for anyone referred.

Further Information 

For more information please contact the main D&G Council phoneline on 030 33 33 3000 or email 

Page last updated: 15/01/2024
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