Library membership

Join the library for free to start borrowing items and using our facilities.

How to join

Complete an application form at any of our local libraries . To join, or act as a guarantor for children and teenagers, you'll also need to provide ID:

  • proof of signature (such as bank card)
  • proof of address (such as a recent utility bill, bank statement or NEC Card)

Anyone with an Adult NEC, Young Scot Card or Kidz card can use this as their Library Card without additional ID.

We will create a library membership for you. A PIN number will also be issued if you want to use some of our online services.

Full membership

Full membership allows you to:

An adult must act as a guarantor for children and teenagers under 16 years old. A permission form is also needed so they can use our computers.

Visitor membership

Visitor membership is available which lasts 3 months and allows you to:

  • use library computers and internet
  • use online library resources
  • use library WiFi

Visitor membership is aimed at visitors to the area. This type of membership can't be extended beyond 3 months.

An adult must complete a permission form and act as a guarantor for children and teenagers under 16 years old.

Instant membership

Instant membership allows you to:

  • borrow up to 2 books and audiobooks
  • borrow eBooks, eAudiobooks and eMagazines
  • Internet access

This membership option is aimed at local residents who can't join as full members because they haven't brought the correct proof of identity or address. Membership can be upgraded to full membership when the relevant documents are available.

An adult must act as a guarantor for children and teenagers.

Online membership

Online membership allows you to:

  • borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks
  • borrow eMagazines
  • use Theory Test Pro
  • place requests for books

This membership option is aimed at local residents. Online membership allows customers to place requests for books, but they need to bring ID to join as a full member to collect requests). Online membership is available through the My Account tab of the online catalogue.

Group membership

Group membership is available which allows:

  • unlimited borrowing of books and audiobooks

This membership is aimed at groups and organisations who wish to borrow items for their members or clients to use. These include:

  • nursery groups
  • childminders
  • literacy and numeracy tutors

Further information or replacement cards

Call a library or email for more information or to request a replacement card.

Let us know if your card is lost, stolen or damaged so that we can get a replacement for you.

Replacement NEC cards are free of charge.

Page last updated: 11/06/2024
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