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Council tax bands and charges

Council tax charges are based on the value of the property you live in.

Charges for 2017/18

The council budget for 2017/18 was approved at a meeting of Dumfries and Galloway Council on Tuesday 28 February. The approved budget will see a rise in council tax of 3%. 

We carried out a budget consultation in 2016 and asked you for your views on council tax, 70% of those who took part said that they agreed that council tax should be increased. The Administration agreed with the public on this with the stipulation that the extra income will be ring-fenced for education. The rise still means council tax in Dumfries and Galloway is the lowest in mainland Scotland.

Changes to the way council tax is applied across a range of bands higher than D will also take place from 1 April 2017. This is a Scottish Government decision, there has been no local discretion granted to local authorities and we must implement these changes.

Another charge that's on the increase is water and wastewater.  Scottish Water has taken the decision to increase water and wastewater charges by 1.6% for the 2017/18 financial year.  We have a duty to collect these charges on behalf of Scottish Water.

Band / valuationCouncil tax     With water and waste waterWith water only               With waste water only
A  (up to £27,000)£720.31£1,007.35£853.15£874.51
B  (£27,001 - £35,000)£840.37£1,175.25£995.35£1,020.27
C  (£35,001 - £45,000)£960.42£1,343.14£1,137.54£1,166.02
D  (£45,001 - £58,000)£1,080.47£1,511.03£1,279.73£1,311.77
E  (£58,001 - £80,000)£1,419.62£1,945.86£1,663.16£1,702.32
F  (£80,001 - £106,000)£1,755.76£2,377.68£2,043.58£2,089.86
G  (£106,001 - £212,000)£2,115.92£2,833.52£2,448.02£2,501.42
H  (£212,001 and over)£2,647.15£3,508.27£3,045.67£3,109.75

You should receive your annual council tax notice during March.

Charges from Scottish Water

The amount you pay includes charges set by Scottish Water for their water and sewerage services. We collect this money for them and pass it on.

Long Term Empty Property Tariff

We'll double the amount of council tax if a property's unoccupied for 12 months or more. This is called the Long Term Empty Property Tariff and applies even if a property is derelict or in very poor condition.

The charges for water and waste water are not affected by this tariff.

The tariff is designed to encourage people to deal with empty properties. You can save money by bringing an empty property back into use but you could also bring in rental income or a significant lump sum by selling up.

Your valuation band

The Assessor for Dumfries and Galloway values your home and puts it into one of the eight bands. The estimated value is based on property prices on 1 April 1991.

Valuation appeals

You might be able to appeal if you think the banding is incorrect.

Page last updated: 14/03/17