Swimming lessons

Swimmers of every age and ability can take swimming lessons in our pools.

Lessons for children

Our swimming programme for children is called the Rainbow Swim Scheme. Swimmers move through eight levels with help from ASA qualified instructors.

1. Red

  • Start to move
  • Building confidence
  • Be safe

2. Orange

  • Go underwater
  • Move around

3. Yellow

  • Learn strokes
  • Swim unaided

4. Green

  • Swim further
  • Improve strokes
  • Dive from sitting

5. Blue

  • Tread water
  • Learn to breathe
  • Increase distance

6. Indigo

  • Improve skills
  • Learn to dive

7. Violet

  • Good technique
  • Travel distance
  • Improve dives

8. Gold

  • Refine strokes
  • Show ability

Lessons for adults

Adults who are beginning to swim or want to improve can join our Learn to Swim programme. We will build your confidence so that you enjoy being in the water.

You will get some one-to-one time if you are a beginner so that you quickly make real progress. As you improve we will focus on strokes, strength and endurance.

Lessons for adults and children

Raindrop Sessions teach parents/carers to help babies and young children enjoy the water. They can improve movement, balance and breathing with fun and games.

These sessions are a great start in the water and lead directly to the Rainbow Swim Scheme. You can both enjoy spending time playing and learning together.

One-to-one lessons

You can also get one-on-one teaching which allow you to learn at your own pace. We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable. Private lessons also mean we can adjust each session to meet your needs.

Book a place

You can book swimming lessons at any of our pools:

The costs depend on the number of sessions in each block.

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Page last updated: 14/03/2018
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