Getting married in Dumfries and Galloway

You need to contact us and complete paperwork if you are planning to get married in this region.

Marriage and Civil Partnerships

Full details on legalities to marriage and civil partnership in Scotland including the Marriage Notice forms (M10s) and Civil Partnership Notice forms (CP10s) can be found at: 

  • If you need to contact us and have already submitted your M10 forms or CP10 forms you can telephone 030 33 33 3004 or send an email to
  • If you need to contact us because you wish to know the progress of your marriage or civil partnership application, please bear with us until your receive an email or letter from the Registrar.  Your application will have been logged and will be at processing stage.  Once this is complete, you will receive an email or letter from us. New applications will be prioritised in order of date of marriage or civil partnership. 
  • If you wish to pay the fees for your marriage or civil partnership booking, you can do so online via our payment portal.  Full details on how to pay your fees online will be emailed to you once you have submitted your M10 or CP10 forms.  If you wish to pay by telephone you reach us on 030 33 33 3004.  Our staff will be able to take your payment over the telephone by debit or credit card Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm. 
  • If you have previously submitted documents as part of your application, these will be returned to you when you attend to be married or enter into a civil partnership.  If you have cancelled your marriage or civil partnership plans, your documents will automatically be returned you. 
  • If you are required to attend the registration office to submit a passport or collect a Schedule for a ceremony, this will be detailed in the email or letter from the Registrar.
  • The postal address to send your marriage or civil partnership application is, Gretna Registration Office, Central Avenue, Gretna DG16 5AQ

Information Required
You must provide a daytime telephone number and email address with all marriage and civil partnership applications so that the Registrar can contact you easily and quickly.

Both parties will need to provide to the Registrar:

  1. Marriage Notice Form and Guidance Notes (Form M10) or Civil Partnership Notice Form and Guidance Notes (Form CP10) - you must serve a minimum period of 29 days' notice to be married or enter a civil partnership in Scotland.  The maximum notice you can serve is 3 months. Please read the guidance notes for marriage or guidance notes for civil partnership before completing the forms.
  2. A completed Declaration of Status by Non-UK Nationals- this form is required required for all persons who are not British Citizens and 2 x passport size photographs in some circumstances.  Your application will not be accepted without this form.
  3. Proof of nationality
  4. A birth certificate
  5. Proof of a divorce or annulment (if appropriate) and completed Icon for pdf Foreign Divorce Questionnaire [PDF - 126KB] (if appropriate)
  6. Proof of being widowed (if appropriate)
  7. Proof of residence (dated within the last three months)
  8. A certificate of no impediment showing you can marry (if you live outside the UK or have lived here less than 2 years)
  9. Marriage Visa  ( - you may need a visa to come to the UK to be married.
  10. Celebrant, witness and contact details form
  11. The appropriate fees.These can be paid online by debit or credit card once your application has been processed.

A certified translation must be provided with any documents you submit that are written in a language other than English.

The registrar will contact you via email or letter to inform you of the position of your application.

Return of documents - Postage
We are unable to hold your documents or return these to you in person.  Your Documents will be returned to you by post. 

You must enclose a pre-paid self-addressed envelope with the appropriate postage with your application form for us to return your documents or pay the agreed postage fee of £10.  This charge is in addition to the fees payable below.   

If you have submitted a passport this will be returned to you using Royal Mail Special Delivery service for which you must pay the agreed postage fee of £10.

The amount you pay depends on how you'd like to get married. 

Statutory fees
Notice fee - £45 per person (non-refundable) 
Civil marriage solemnisation or civil partnership registration - £55
Marriage or civil partnership certificate - £10

Enhanced fees - additional fees charged by Dumfries & Galloway Council
Advance booking for registration office ceremony - £110
Registration office ceremony with more than 8 guests - £115
Registrar's attendance at authorised venue ceremony - £245 (non-refundable)
Ceremony on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday - £196
Postage fee - £10

How to Pay
There are a number of ways to pay for your marriage or civil partnership fees:

  • Send a cheque (payable to Dumfries and Galloway Council) when you submit your M10 or CP10 forms and documentation
  • Pay online using the Pay It option at using a debit or credit card.

To be able to pay your fees online, you must submit your M10 or CP10 forms first providing an email address and contact telephone number.  Upon receipt of your application, we will process your forms and send you an email with a reference number and instructions on how to make payment for your marriage or civil partnership fees online at

Please note:  You cannot make payment online until you have submitted your application and received a reference number from the Registrar.

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Cancellations must be submitted in writing or by sending an email.


Page last updated: 04/04/2024
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