Funerals, burials and cremations

You will need to contact us to buy a burial plot and we'll be involved when you're arranging a funeral (a funeral director will normally speak to us directly).

You must register a death in Scotland within 8 days.

Arranging a funeral

Funeral arrangements are usually made with a funeral director. They will discuss your requirements with you and make the practical arrangements.

It is possible to organise a funeral yourself but we would advise that funeral directors have all the resources and legal experience to guide you through the burial process at what can be a very difficult and stressful time.

Make sure you know how things will be paid for before making arrangements. The deceased person may have contributed to a scheme so check any documentation, pension policies and letters.

You may be entitled to help with funeral payments from the UK Government.


We require a Certificate of Registration of Death (Form 14) to be completed and returned to us before an interment can take place. Your funeral director will help you get a copy of this form from the Registrar.

The current interment charges are:

  • Lair Purchase (resident) - £643                                                                                    
  • Lair Purchase (non-resident) - £896
  • Interment (resident) - £971
  • Interment (non-resident) - £1,256
  • Burial of Child aged 17 and under - £0
  • Stillborn/pregnancy loss - £0
  • Casket Interment - £238
  • Casket Interment (non-resident) - £358

There is a 50% surcharge for interments on Saturday and a 100% surcharge for interments on a Sunday or Bank Holiday.


Crematoria in the area are privately run but cremated remains can be buried in a burial ground in the same way a coffin would be.

Buying a grave plot or lair

Grave plots or lairs are usually purchased at the time of internment but there are some pre-pay lair option schemes .

The current costs to purchase ground are:

  • Residents - £602
  • Non-residents - £839

Management Rules

Please see below link to Dumfries and Galloway Council's Management Rules for Burial Grounds. 

Please note there has been an amendment to section 2.6 and this is shown below:

Help if there is no one to make funeral arrangements

We can help arrange a simple funeral when someone dies and they don't have any relatives or friends who able to make funeral arrangements. We'll meet the cost of the funeral and then take steps to recover the cost from any money left by the deceased.

Hospitals usually take responsibility if someone dies in their care who has no friends or relatives who are able to make funeral arrangements.


Exhumations orders are rare and require authorisation from the Sheriff. Call 030 33 33 3000 for further information.

For more information relating to burials in Dumfries and Galloway please contact the following:

  • Annandale and Eskdale - 01576 205294
  • Nithsdale - 01387 271122
  • Stewartry - 01556 505287
  • Wigtown  - 01776 707564

Please note that our burial teams are not always in the office therefore face to face enquiries are strictly by appointment only.

Page last updated: 23/05/2024
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