Community Safety Team

Our Community Safety Team conducts detection and deterrence patrols throughout Dumfries & Galloway to prevent instances of minor antisocial behaviour and enforce dog fouling and littering offences. We do this work to make our communities and individuals feel safe and secure.

Community Safety Officers will also investigate reports of Fly Tipping which includes the issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices should evidence be found.

The Team also has an Anti-social Behaviour specialist who will investigate all complex cases of anti-social behaviour. We can investigate and assist with:

and enforce penalties, for:

  • Dog fouling
  • Littering
  • Fly tipping

We also provide a mediation service to support people, like neighbours, who are in conflict. Our team can help you agree on practical solutions to certain issues.

Contact the team

We work from 3 offices across Dumfries and Galloway - Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Stranraer. It's easy to get in touch:


Page last updated: 08/12/2023
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