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Pest control

We employ professional Pest Control Officers to help you with pests that are a risk to public health or food safety.

We charge where a visit is made but advice is free:

Commonly dealt with pests include:

  • rats
  • mice
  • ants
  • fleas
  • wasps
  • cockroaches
  • bedbugs


There is a one-off payment (including VAT) for each treatment and this also covers a follow-up visit if required:

  • Ants, wasps and bees - £45
  • Rats and mice: £65
  • Fleas, bedbugs and other insects - £75
  • Other pests - price subject to survey

Payment is taken in advance of a visit either over the phone or at one of our Customer Service Centres. The charge is not refundable.

We also offer competitively priced commercial contracts, call 030 33 33 3000 for further information.

Things to consider

  • We now treat and charge for Bees, except Honey Bees which may be treated at the discretion of the Pest Control Officers.
  • Bats are a protected species and must not be harmed. The Scottish natural heritage can help you with advice if you find a bat.
  • Contact us if gulls are a nuisance.
  • Let us know about any pets or young children. The poisons we use for insects pose little risk to humans but the poisons used for rats and mice may affect other mammals.
Page last updated: 26/09/2017
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