Request help with social care

Advice is available from the Health and Social Care Partnership if you're an older person, have a disability or are ill and having problems with day-to-day life but want to remain independent.

Sometimes your own strengths and skills or support from family and friends will help with any day to day problems you're facing. You might need more support like:

It's easy to arrange things with information from you. The Health and Social Care Partnership can help you find solutions.

You might also want advice or help from another organisation or agency  to find the best options for you. There are many places to get care support or advice in Dumfries and Galloway.

You can call 030 33 33 3001 to discuss your situation with social work.

What happens next

We'll discuss the options with you and explain how your choices can be made personal to you. You can get a family member or friend to support you if you want.

We'll look at your financial circumstances to see if you need to contribute towards the cost of any support that may be required.  You don't have to pay for any advice or information you receive.

We will continue to work with you to make sure that your support is right for you.

Page last updated: 13/09/2023
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