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Instrumental Music Tuition

We offer school children from primary 5 onwards the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument.

Our tuition is delivered by music instructors who will help your child to gain confidence and realise their full potential in their chosen instrument.


Our Instrumental Music Services (IMS) provide tuition in the following Musical instruments:

  • String
  • Brass
  • Woodwind
  • Guitar
  • Percussion


All lessons are delivered on a group basis.  Secondary school pupils will have their lessons delivered on a rota basis during the school day to ensure they don't regularly miss any one subject.  Primary school pupil lessons will take place after school but may, due to demand, take place during the school day. 

Lessons will follow a structured course of study which is suited to the pupil's abilities as well as SQ A, local authority and school requirements, they support learning through to Advanced Higher level and external music examinations where required.


Lesson fees are £200 for the full school year.  Lessons will be charged in advance and the payment options are included in the attached Application Form.  Exemptions from charges are available.  The IMS is able to loan orchestral instruments to pupils free of charge.  Guitars and percussion instruments are not available for loan, however, they are normally available to use in school.


Applications are now open using the form above and should be returned to:

Pupils will receive a letter confirming if or not their application has been successful. If successful instructions and a payment request will be included.

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Page last updated: 11/05/2021
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