Make a complaint online

If something goes wrong or you are dissatisfied with our services, please tell us.

Before you start

Please do not use this form to:

Request for service

A routine first-time request for a service to be delivered is not a complaint.

If you are telling us about something for the first time, please give us the opportunity to put things right.

There are many ways in which contact can be made with the Council to request a service. 

Report a pothole

Report a missed bin

Apply for assisted bin collection

Apply for additional bin capactiy

Apply for a new bin or kerbside container

Report a road or pavement default

Report a street lighting fault

Report dog fouling

Report fly tipping

Report Antisocial behaviour

Insurance Claim

Claims for compensation only are not complaints. Compensation claims against the council need to be directed to the insurance claims system. If you wish to make an insurance claim you can do so by completing the insurance claim online form.

Submit an insurance claim

How do I complain?

You can complain by completing the form below.

You can review our complaints procedure prior to submitting a complaint.

Make a complaint online

Use this form to complain about any of the following:

  • if we didn't provide a service
  • if you're not happy with the quality of service
  • if we didn't deliver a service on time or quickly enough
  • if we dealt with you in a way you think was unfair or wrong
  • if you're not happy about the conduct of staff members
  • if you're not happy with our policies

You don't have to give us your name or contact details to fill in this form. However, we won't be able to respond to you directly about your complaint without your contact details.

Page last updated: 25/03/2024
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