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Suppliers and contractors must quote a valid Purchase Order number on invoices for goods, services or works in order to receive payment.

We're trying to improve our payment processes and ensure that all payments are made as quickly as possible but we need you to support this work by making sure you get a valid Purchase Order (PO) number when accepting an order.

From 1 May 2018, we'll only accept invoices that quote a valid PO number and any invoices received after this date that don't have a valid PO number will be returned without being processed. It is therefore in a supplier/contractor's best interests to ensure that they obtain a purchase order prior to the provision of goods or delivery of service and that the number is quoted on the invoice.

You should speak to the council contact who instructed the order for goods or services if you don't receive an official PO or valid PO number.

Valid PO numbers

Our PO numbers vary depending on the system that was used to place the order.

Valid formats include:

  • EP111111 (EP plus six digits)
  • BM111111111 (BM plus nine digits)
  • RM111111111 (RM plus nine digits)
  • PO11111 (PO plus five digits)
  • ML1111111 (ML plus seven digits)
  • SV1111111 (SV plus seven digits)
  • 11/XXX111/11 (year / client code / reference number)


Some types of payments will be made without a valid PO number:

  • Procurement card payments - low value / one off payments
  • Disbursements - expenses for interviewees, volunteers or employees
  • Consolidated billing - payments for goods or services that are made by batch header with recharge mechanisms in place (such as utilities and phones)
  • Insurance claim settlements

We can also provide an emergency PO number in some exceptional circumstances.

Your role and responsibilities

  • Do not accept an order without a valid PO number
  • Do not issue an invoice without a valid PO number.

You should always ask the staff instructing the supply of goods, services or works to provide a valid PO number with their order.

You must always include a valid PO number on any invoices you are sending us for the supply of goods, services or works.

It is important to make sure that all your staff who receive orders to supply goods, services or works to Dumfries and Galloway Council are aware of our approach and insist on being supplied with an official PO number.

You'll need to re-submit an invoice with a valid PO number if there wasn't one included/available for the original invoice and your payment could be delayed. Ask your contact at the council for a valid PO number if this is the case.

Further information

Get in touch with us if you'd like more details:

Page last updated: 07/05/2019
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