Your needs as a carer

As a carer you have a right to have your own needs considered and receive support from agencies.

Referrals and support plans

Dumfries and Galloway Carers Centre can provide you with a range information, advice and support.

Completing a carer referral form enables you to access support:

The Carers Centre can then provide you with a copy of the Adult Carers Support Plan to fill in which looks at your caring situation in more depth.

Breaks for carers (respite)

You may need a break to give you time away from your caring duties. Our Short Breaks Bureau and 'Time to Live' funding can help:

Work and Caring

If people are working, as well as caring for someone, they may need flexible working arrangements. Being a Carer doesn't necessarily mean a person has to give up their job - they may just need to work in a way that fits in with their caring responsibilities. Common types of flexible working include part-time, flexitime, compressed hours (working agreed hours over fewer days), job-sharing or working from home. Carers should speak to their employer and look out for the Carer Positive Health and Social Care logo in their workplace.

Carers Health and Wellbeing

Caring can have a significant impact on both the physical and emotional health of Carers. It's easy for Carers to overlook their own health needs, but it's important to stay as healthy as possible.

Keeping fit, pursuing a hobby, taking a short break, seeing friends or learning new skills all contribute to a Carer's wellbeing. Looking after their own physical and emotional wellbeing will also help Carers support the person they care for.

Contact your local Health and Wellbeing/Improvement Team on:

  • Annandale and Eskdale - 01461 207728
  • Nithsdale - 01387 244401
  • Stewartry - 01556 505724
  • Wigtownshire - 01776 707737

Support for carers and young carers

Find out what support is available for carers and young carers

Page last updated: 07/05/2019
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