Caravan site licensing

You will need a valid licence if you intend to use land as a caravan site.

You must have a have a caravan site licence before you start using a site for caravans. We generally need 28 days to process an application or amend an existing licence.

Caravan site licences are issued with conditions attached to cover things like:

  • the number of caravans you can have on site
  • when caravans can be on site
  • the types of caravans that can be on site
  • where the caravans and tents are positioned on site
  • landscaping requirements (such as planting of bushes and trees)
  • fire safety requirements
  • the provision and maintenance of facilities and services such as toilets, showers or other equipment

You applicant must be entitled to use the land as a caravan site and type of site you are applying for (such as holiday, residential or mixed use).

Who can apply

Existing site occupiers - you'll need to request that your licence is re-issued if any of the details are incorrect. You can send your current licence and an application form to us if you need to update any information such as your name, the site name, addresses or related planning permissions.

New site occupiers - you need to apply for a licence if you don't already have one. A licence can be transferred between site occupiers if needed but we will have to approve the transfer, send the existing site licence along with the new application.

Potential site occupiers - you (or your legal advisor) should check that all the land to be used for siting caravans has appropriate planning permission. If land is already being used as a caravan site then you need to ensure that appropriate site licence and planning permission are already in place

Licences will not be issued to applicants who have had a site licence revoked within three years of the current application.

How to apply

You'll need to provide supporting documentation with your application. This includes:

  • Site plan (not less than 1:1,250 scale showing the boundaries or the site, position of caravan standings, roads and footpaths, toilet blocks, stores and other buildings, drainage and water supply systems, recreation and car parking space.
  • Copy of the planning permission
  • Detail type of caravan unit/holiday/residential/touring/tent.

Send the completed form to us:

What happens next

We will process your application and write to let you know the outcome. A site visit will be required for new site applications.

You can appeal a decision if your application is not approved. You will need to contact us within 21 days of the date on the decision notice.

Page last updated: 08/05/2024
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