Library book collection service

You can have books collected by a relative, friend or neighbour if you have problems getting to a library.

Anyone who is a full member of the library can collect books on your behalf using our free 'Good Neighbour' membership scheme. This is a great service if you find it difficult to visit a library yourself.

How the service works

Register and tell us:

  • who'll be borrowing books on your behalf
  • which types of books you like (such as thrillers or romance)
  • if you've got any special preferences (such as large print or talking books)

Your 'Good Neighbour' (who needs their own library membership) can either get a separate card to borrow books for you or we can select books and your 'Good Neighbour' just collects the bag of books on a regular basis.

Register for book collection

You need to provide:

  • contact details
  • the name and library membership details of your nominated delivery person
  • information about the kind of books you like to read

Ask your 'Good Neighbour' to complete a form with you and return it to any of our libraries .

Page last updated: 07/05/2019
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