Discretionary Housing Payments

You may be entitled to an additional Discretionary Housing Payment if you get Housing Benefit or Universal Credit but still find it hard to pay your rent.


You may be entitled to a Discretionary Housing Payment if you receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit and:

  • you have an extra bedroom (Bedroom Tax/Social Sector Size Criteria)
  • your benefits are restricted due to the Benefit Cap
  • there is a non-dependant in the house
  • the income of the household is low
  • there are Local Housing Allowance restrictions
  • your Housing Benefit has been restricted

How to apply

Apply for Discretionary Housing Payment online

You'll need to provide:

  • the reason you need extra help with your rent
  • evidence to support your need for extra help
  • proof of what you spend each week and any debts
  • your signature

You can also call 030 33 33 3006 or visit one of our customer service centres .

What happens next

The amount of the award you are entitled to and how long you get it for will depend on your circumstances.

Full details will be issued to you once the decision has been made. This will include reasons for the decision and who any payments will be made to.

If you're unhappy with our decision

You can ask us to look at your application again.

Write to us within a month of the decision telling us why you disagree with our decision and add any extra supporting information with your letter.

Changes in your circumstances

You should always let us know if your circumstances change for any reason.

Call 030 33 33 3006 or visit one of our customer service centres .

Other support

Depending on your situation you may also find help and support from other services. You can find out who might help you locally by using find my nearest and choosing Housing Support Outreach Services.

Page last updated: 24/05/2023
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