Reviewing a crisis or community care grant application

We have a process to help if you're unhappy with a decision we've made about your application for a crisis grant or community care grant through the Scottish Welfare Fund.

Request a review

You can ask us to look at the decision again. This is called a First Tier Review.

You'll need to write to us within 20 days of the decision being made and provide:

  • the date and reference number from your decision letter
  • the reason you disagree with our decision
  • any extra information or documents you think will help
  • your signature

A different member of our team will look at your application and let you know their decision. We'll call you within 2 working days for a crisis grant review or write to you within 15 working days for a community care grant review.

Request a independent review

You can request an independent review by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) if you still disagree with our decision after a First Tier Review. You'll need to contact the SPSO within one month of the First Tier Review decision:

The SPSO will start work straight away and make a decision within 1 working day for crisis grants and 21 working days for community care grants once they have all the information they need.

Further help

You can also make a complaint if you feel you've been treated badly or unfairly:

Page last updated: 29/10/2019
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