S is for Stretch

This is Andrea Haggarty. Andrea is a casual coach for the Active Communities team.

S is for Stretch

Andrea plans and delivers five exercise classes a week in Dumfries, including aerobics, circuit training, light mobility (Community Activator class) and a class aimed at over 65s (Bridging Plus). In addition, she runs a disability sport-specific class teaching adult Boccia.  

From 14 to 89 years old, men and women flock to these classes to increase their physical fitness. But that's not all. It is clear from everyone who attends the classes that the energy Andrea brings, and the focus to create human connections and ultimately friendships, is the reason people keep coming back for more.  

Fact - Andrea sees over 60 people routinely attend her sessions a week. That's 60 people together, laughing, making friends, improving physical fitness and health, and supporting one another. What an impact. 

Outside of class, you might catch Andrea with her class members having afternoon teas, day trips or out for walks. You'll also see her buying birthday cakes and cards or running the odd errand for many of the older class members. Why? Because Andrea gives her everything to everyone both in and out of her classes. She truly cares about the wellbeing of others - and it shows. 

Fact - the Active Communities programme has delivered 1,354 sessions, which has seen 11,518 people attend in the last year.  

Best part of the job? "The people. My motto is 'if it's no fun, no one will come', and I know I put a lot into my classes to make it as enjoyable as possible. In return I have a community of wonderful people who have become my friends who make every day an absolute dream." 

Andrea - your heart is in the community, and the impact you make is immeasurable. Thank you for all that you do, and for the compassion and dedication with which you do it. 

For more information about Active Communities, please visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/activecommunitiesdg 

For further information about improving your health and wellbeing locally, visit: www.DGDoingMore.co.uk  

Page last updated: 15/02/2024
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