H is for here to help

This is Tony. Tony is a Care Call Operator. Care Call is a 24-hour 365-day response service that works through a control unit connected to a service user's telephone line.

H is for Here to Help

Care Call provides support to those living at home who may need a friendly voice at the end of a phone line for help, day or night.

That voice is Tony's.

Tony works during the wee small hours, supporting the elderly and vulnerable adults and children who use the service. Service users may simply be looking to connect with another voice because they're lonely, while other calls can be emergency situations where Tony has to call emergency services and contacts.

Every call requires 100% concentration, patience, compassion and empathy, and Tony has this in abundance.

Fact - Tony can take anything between 20 and 100 calls per night and upload 10 - 20 new service users' details to the system per night.

That is a lot of support to a lot of people.

Tony tells us: "I love that I am doing something that helps someone. There can be exceedingly difficult calls. Often service users are struggling and may be vulnerable, so I make sure I always remain calm and stay with them until emergency services arrive - in the hope that human connection and reassurance offers some comfort."

Tony, you are the voice of calm for the elderly and vulnerable when the sun has faded and the stars have risen. You are, without doubt, appreciated by all service users and their families in times of need. Thankyou.

Page last updated: 06/09/2023
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