Paying for care

You might need to pay for some of the services identified in your care and support package. The amount you pay is based on your financial situation.

Support is available if you're having problems but want to remain independent. The first step is to apply for help and we can come up with solutions. We'll then look at your financial circumstances to decide if you need to contribute towards any costs.

Services where there is a charge

You'll have to pay for some services but the amount you pay (if you can pay) is based on an assessment of your financial circumstances. This includes:

There is a charge for some services regardless of your financial situation:

There's a maximum amount that we can normally commit to an individual care package if you are aged 65 or over. Larger care packages may be put in place but you (or your family) must fund the extra support.

Financial assessments

We'll carry out a financial assessment to work out whether you're able to contribute to the cost of your care and support package and how much you need to contribute.

The assessments look at a number of important elements, including:

  • income (such as benefits and pensions)
  • outgoings (such as mortgage, rent and council tax payments)
  • capital (such as savings, bonds and stocks)

You need to pay the full cost of your care and support package if you don't want to provide financial information for an assessment or have more than £24,750 capital.

Changes in circumstances

You're responsible for telling us about any changes in your financial circumstances.

It's important to tell us about changes so that we know you're still contributing the right amount. Any money due to you (or that we need to recover) will be backdated to the date that your financial circumstances changed.

We'll also carry out a new financial assessment every year to keep things up to date.

Page last updated: 02/09/2019
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