Civic hospitality

We sometimes provide hospitality in the form of a reception, light refreshments or a presentation to mark special events or achievements.

The hospitality varies according to the type of event, the number of people attending and the venue. We can support events that:

  • Are significant one-off events: which mark a major achievement or anniversary.
  • Make a direct contribution to the Council Plan.

External organisations can only receive support if they are not in receipt of any other Council funding for their overall project or overall event.

The amount allocated to each event will be proportionate to the profile, size and contribution of the event to our Council Plan.

Council representatives will attend each event.

How to contact us

Please email: with details of your event.

When to contact us

Hospitality takes time to plan and organise so you should submit your information as far in advance of the date concerned as possible, and ideally with at least eight weeks notice.

What happens next

We'll contact you for further information.

There will also be monitoring and evaluation after the event has taken place. This allows us to make sure events fulfil the purpose and celebrate the contribution of the Council's hospitality.

Page last updated: 07/05/2019
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