U is for Understanding

This is Jean Nelson. Jean is a Lifelong Learning Assistant. Jean's role is to support adult learners to upgrade their basic adult literacy and numeracy, enabling them to progress to further and higher learning and enhance their employability prospects.

U is for Understanding

The service also offers a more holistic approach to learning where classes are aimed at improving mental health and wellbeing - from arts and crafts to sewing and creative writing - all therapeutic activities aimed at building confidence and life skills.  

Fact - Lifelong Learning worked with 8,367 people in Dumfries and Galloway last year. That's a lot of support to a lot of people.  

Jean told us that one client had very basic numeracy skills and would often pull all the money out of his pocket to pay for his cups of tea on day trips with another service. This left them financially vulnerable and feeling embarrassed by their lack of understanding of the value of money. Jean delivered numeracy sessions with this person over several months; as a result, the client now pays for his cup of tea with the precise amount asked. 

That's independence. That's pride. That's knowledge. Thats learning. That's support. That's a less vulnerable, more confident - and happier - adult learner.  

That's lifelong learning at its simplest...and its finest.  

Jean told us: "I find this role genuinely emotional. As a team, we work tirelessly to put everything into place to support every single learner to reach their potential. We see time and time again the impact of our work and how it improves the quality of life for some. It is positively overwhelming and beyond rewarding." 

Jean could have retired...some time ago...though we won't say how long. However, we are delighted to say Jean has no plans to leave just yet - she loves the job that much.  

Jean. You are truly special. You support adults to learn, grow and achieve things in creative ways - in manageable steps with your caring nature alongside them for the journey. The devotion you bring to your job is seen and felt by all. Thanks for everything you do. 

Page last updated: 13/03/2024
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