Stages of Intervention Process

Throughout a child and young person's time at nursery and school the adults working with them will routinely be reviewing their progress and considering their support needs. Every child and young person may need a little bit of support at some point and this is usually provided through learning and teaching in the nursery and class. (This is called universal support.) It is only when a child requires something different from other children that a staged intervention approach may be used.

Through talking with parents we have created a version of our stages of intervention which is from the view point of the child and family to help create a common understanding between all adults working to support the child. 

The Stages of Intervention booklet provides a framework to assess, identify, plan and review support for children & young people who have additional support needs. All local authorities have a staged intervention and assessment process in place which enables practitioners to assess and meet pupils' learning needs. Dumfries & Galloway's Stages of Intervention booklet can be found below:

Page last updated: 16/05/2024
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