Parental Involvement - ask us to look again

We're committed to working with parents and carers to support learning. You can ask us to 'look again' if you're unhappy, concerned or have questions about decisions made around your parental involvement.

Who can ask us to look again

Anyone who is a parent/carer can ask us to look again.

This includes a guardian and any person who is liable to maintain or has parental responsibilities such as non-resident parents, foster carers and relatives who are caring for children for a range of different reasons.

When can you ask us to look again 

You can ask us to look again at:

  • Learning and teaching - your involvement in Improvement planning and supporting your child's learning.
  • Parent Council Support - the support available to help you run your Parent Council, sharing your work with all parents and supporting your school.
  • Policies - linked to Parental Involvement as part of The National Improvement Framework (NIF). How we communicate and seek views on policies where we have an ability to influence change.
  • Council Planning - how the outcomes set by the Council are met through our Education Authority Annual Plan.

How you can ask us to look again

You should discuss any individual school related concerns / issues with your school. You can speak to

  • nursery/primary class teachers if the enquiry relates to classroom practice
  • headteachers if the enquiry relates to whole school matters or you require an unresolved classroom issue to be discussed further
  • the school's Parent Council if your enquiry relates to whole school matters linked to parents as partners
  • the teacher with responsibility for Personal Social and Emotional Supervision in a secondary school followed by the Headteacher

However, just ask if you're not happy with the response you receive, the decision that has been made or you would like to work with us on plans for Parental Involvement or Engagement.

Email and let us know what you want to discuss. We will contact you to discuss your query and then share the outcome of our work.

You can if you are still dissatisfied.

Page last updated: 07/05/2019
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