Justice Throughcare Team

We aim to ensure the successful transition of people from custody to our communities and maintain strong partnership arrangements to improve the outcomes for this group of individuals and promote the Safer Dumfries & Galloway agenda.

About us

Reintegration, Rehabilitation and Public Protection.

The Prison and Throughcare Team provides a range of social work services to those in prison and their families from the point of sentence, throughout the period of imprisonment and following release back into the community.

We aim to provide continuity of service drawing upon the importance of building secure relationships and addressing the factors that present a risk to the public, whilst also balancing this with the needs of an individual. Social Justice is at the forefront of our service, assisting those with the challenges faced when returning to the community.

Prison Based Social Work Team

This team is based at HMP Dumfries, Terregles Street, Dumfries DG2 9AX. 

  • Call: 01387 274313

The Justice Throughcare Team are based at Social Work offices in Dumfries and Stranraer.  The team can be contacted at either office.


  • Address: Irish Street Dumfries DG1 2AB
  • Call: 01387 273749 


  • Address: Ashwood House, Sun Street, Stranraer, DG9 7JJ.
  • Call: 01776 888400


Statutory supervision

  • there are a range of orders and licenses that individuals can be made subject to
  • the process starts at the point of sentencing, throughout their time in prison and then when they are released into the community
  • community based social work have a role throughout this time
  • you can expect our team to meet with you soon after you are sentenced to a period in custody to explain our role throughout your sentence and to discuss what support we can offer you and your family
  • we will attend your annual meetings in prison, provide reports to prison to assess suitability for community access and for release
  • we will work with you to prepare you for release and look at the areas you need assistance with for example, housing, health, substance misuse and benefits
  • we will supervise you in line with the requirements of your release license

Voluntary assistance

  • if you are sentenced to less than four years imprisonment, you can ask for assistance from our service during your sentence or within twelve months of your release
  • you can do this yourself or ask prison based colleagues to assist you
  • we will provide you with support for a range of issues to assist you to settle back into your community and refrain from further involvement in offending behaviour

Family support

  • We offer support, guidance and signposting of other services to a partner, relative or appointed friend. This may also include the offer of support to a prisoner's children

  • We can also offer assistance with any issues that have arisen as a result of imprisonment and the impact this may have on your emotional well being   

Page last updated: 13/06/2022
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