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Community asset transfers

Council land and property could be an ideal resource to help local communities realise their plans and aspirations. We've developed a process to transfer assets to community organisations who want to take them over for the benefit of their community.

Get in touch

The first step is to have a chat with us about your ideas. We'll explain more about the process and give you advice on submitting an application. Contact us to discuss your plans:

After discussions we would suggest that you express an interest in an asset transfer . This step is optional but it allows us to help you develop a strong application and iron out any issues before you put in the substantial effort needed to make a full asset transfer request .

You can also get in touch to tell us what you think of the community asset transfer information we provide online. We welcome your feedback on what you like or don't like about our content as well as any other suggestions for improving things.

Finding suitable assets

A Community Transfer Body  can request any council building or land you consider suitable for your goals.

The inclusion of a property or land in the register doesn't guarantee that an asset transfer request would be approved. There may also be exclusions on the transfer of assets held in Trust or Common Good too.

Help and support

We have ward officers in your local area who can offer you support and guidance throughout the process.

The Scottish Government have published guidance on community asset transfers , including an easy read summary, and a range of local and national organisations can also help:

Requests/applications we've received

We publish details of the community asset transfer requests that we receive:

Further information on the community asset transfer applications we've received will be included in a report that is published each year and sets out:

  • how many asset transfer requests were received
  • how many requests were agreed or refused
  • whether agreed requests resulted in transfer of ownership, lease or conferral of other rights
  • how many appeals have been allowed, dismissed or resulted in a decision being reversed or changed
  • how many reviewed decisions have been confirmed, modified or substituted by a different decision
  • what we've done to promote the use of asset transfer requests and support community transfer bodies to make requests.

The 2017/18 report was agreed by our Communities Committee on Tuesday 5 June 2018:

Page last updated: 08/08/2018
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