A is for Ahoy Matey!

Meet Gail, the senior harbour assistant for Stranraer Harbour and Marina for Dumfries and Galloway Council.

A is for Ahoy - A to Z

Gail's role is to ensure that the harbour staff and visitors can go about their business safely.

Booking berths for visiting yachts, managing commercial boat access, ensuring water sports for all abilities are made possible, and craning boats on and off the water for storage and maintenance - it is a very busy job.

Gail loves her role, is one of the only female harbour masters in the UK (awesome!) and manages a hardworking team that works to support the ever-expanding Stranraer Harbour.

Right now, they can host 90 yachts at a time with plans to increase this by another 180.

When asked "why do you love this job when you are often cold, wet and worn out some days?" Gail responded "I am still smiling, aren't I? I would not change this job for anything. It's like managing a small village, all of which is full of banter and excitement. No two days are the same. I love the practical part of the job; it is very hands-on. I love every day that I come to work!"

Gail, your passion, and your enthusiasm for what you do is amazing - it's smooth sailing when you're around for sure!

Page last updated: 01/06/2023
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