Dumfries and Galloway Full Council agrees to new Administration

Dumfries and Galloway Council (24 May 2022) has agreed to a new Administration between SNP, Labour and the Independent Group, with Councillor Stephen Thompson as Convenor of The Council, and Co-Leader alongside Councillor Linda Dorward who is also Depute Convenor, working with Councillor Richard Brodie, Leader of the Independent Group.

In a joint statement, Councillors Thompson, Dorward and Brodie said:

This will be a new Administration with a new outlook, but shared ambitions and goals for the advantage of Dumfries and Galloway and we are very much looking forward to working together.

Our partnership will be built on mutual trust and understanding, and we are confident we can work inclusively with all Elected Members from all groups to the benefit of the region. We are engaging in a way that does politics differently and have found a way to agree on what's best for local communities, whilst going forward and seeking consensus on a case by case basis, with colleagues.

Despite our political differences, we will work jointly on what really matters to the people in all our communities across our region.

The administration is committed to including all Councillors in the decision making processes of the Council, through joint working and developing a Council Plan.

All groups in our administration are committed to tackling the cost of living crisis, and protecting, as far as we can, our most vulnerable individuals and communities from its effects.

We are determined to provide the best opportunities for our children and young people and will continue to drive forward our Council's innovative plans for education.

We're ambitious for our local economy, to promote our region's traditional strengths - farming and forestry, tourism, food and drink, culture, leisure, energy, and the environment - and seek new opportunities for economic development.

We aspire to regenerate our town centres, to improve the connectivity of our region, to develop the skills of our people, and to attract others to take up employment, live here, and visit this most beautiful part of Scotland.

This Council is passionate about delivering the services which are needed in our region and we have agreed to work together on our shared priorities. With 27 councillors over the three groups providing an overall majority. We can provide the strong and stable leadership needed to deliver our ambitions and those of the people of Dumfries and Galloway.

The Council also agreed on the size of committees, proportionality, and committee chairs and vice chairs.

Economy and Resources
Chair: Katie Hagmann
Vice-Chair: Sean Marshall

Education and Learning
Chair: Richard Brodie
Vice-Chair: George Jamieson

Chair: Archie Dryburgh
Vice-Chair: John Campbell

Social Work Service
Chair: Andy Ferguson
Vice-Chair: Ian Howie

Finance, Procurement and Transformation
Chair: Carolyne Wilson
Vice-chair: Dougie Campbell

Audit, Risk and Scrutiny
Chair: Gail MacGregor 
Vice-Chair: Malcolm Johnstone

Planning Applications
Chair: Jim Dempster
Vice-Chair: Emma Jordan

Annandale and Eskdale Area Committee
Chair: Archie Dryburgh
Vice-Chair: Richard Brodie

Nithsdale Area Committee
Chair: Tracey Little
Vice-Chair: Davie Stitt

Stewartry Area Committee
Chair: Dougie Campbell
Vice-Chair: Kim Lowe

Wigtown Area Committee
Chair: Willie Scobie
Vice-Chair: Katie Hagmann

Page last updated: 25/05/2022
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