Report a concern about a child or young person

It's everyone's responsibility to ensure that children are safe. If you are worried that a child or young person may be at risk of harm then you should call 030 33 33 3001 and ask for the Social Work Access team.

If you feel that the child or young person is in immediate danger then you should call Police Scotland on 999.

Contact us

The Social Work Access team is the single point of contact to report concerns. Call us on 030 33 33 3001 and ask for the Social Work Access team or email us at

We'll ask you for some basic information so we can look into your concerns, this includes:

  • information about the child and their family
  • details of what you saw or heard which worried you
  • if you think the child is in immediate risk

We'll always treat your information seriously and your details with great care. You can remain anonymous but it makes it harder for us look into your concerns.

Other ways to contact someone:

  • Out of hours service - call 01387 273660
  • Police non-emergency line - call 101

Warning signs

You might notice that a child or young person:

  • has unexplained bruising
  • seems quiet or withdrawn or afraid to go home
  • appears constantly hungry, tired or untidy
  • is left unsupervised or has too much responsibility for their age
  • acts in a sexually inappropriate way or misuses drugs or alcohol
  • tells you something that worries you

You might notice that an adult:

  • is acting aggressively or sexually towards a child or young person
  • misusing drugs or alcohol whilst caring for a child
  • leaves their child unattended or with unsuitable adults

What we'll do

We may do something straight away but if the child is not in immediate danger we will make some enquiries before acting.

The Sex Offender Community Disclosure Scheme

Police Scotland run The Sex Offender Community Disclosure Scheme. It allows improved access to information and can reassure a parent or carer of a child.

Find out more about the scheme

Page last updated: 17/07/2023
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