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Alcohol licensing

You need to apply to us for a licence to sell alcohol in Dumfries and Galloway. The sale of alcohol without the appropriate licence is a criminal offence.

Outside drinking areas for Licensed Premises

It is anticipated that the Scottish Government will permit the operation of outside drinking areas on 6 July 2020. Please note that this is an indicative date only - the Scottish Government has advised that they will comment further with regard to this on 2 July 2020.

With regard to the operation of outside drinking areas for sale of alcohol, all four Divisional Licensing Boards in Dumfries and Galloway must satisfy themselves that Occasional licence applications for outside drinking areas provide assurance that the terms of the Scottish Government Sectoral Guidance and legal provisions on Coronavirus transmission prevention can be met.

A number of documents need to be submitted if you wish to operate an outside drinking area:

Applying for a licence 

Applying for a licence
Type of applicationDescriptionFee
Personal licence A personal licence allows an individual to supervise or authorise the sale of alcohol.£50
Premises licence A premises licence is required by anyone who intends to sell alcohol on their premises.Varies
Occasional licence You need an occasional licence if you want to temporarily sell alcohol from unlicensed premises.£10
Vary a licence A major or minor variation application is required when it's proposed that any of the licence details are changed or deleted.Varies
Transfer a premises licence A premises licence holder may apply for the transfer of the premises licence.Varies
Extended hours If you hold a premises licence you can apply for an occasional extension on your licence hours.£10

Guidance on alcohol licensing

Applications received

We publish notices showing the applications we receive for occasional licences, new premises licences and major variations so interested parties can submit objections or representations.

Licensing decisions

We consider all applications in line with local licensing policies and principles. We also consult with Police Scotland.

Applications for hours outwith the Licensing Board's policy or subject to an objection need to be considered by the Dumfries and Galloway Licensing Boards .

Contact us

You can contact us on the phone or email:

Or alternatively, you can write to us at the address below:

Municipal Chambers
Buccleuch Street


Page last updated: 29/06/2020
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