Business rates reductions and relief

If you feel you are entitled to a relief or wish to update us with your change of circumstances please complete this form:

Rural Rates Relief may be provided if your property is within a rural settlement which has less than 3000 people living within it.
Mandatory or Discretionary Rates Relief may be provided for properties occupied by charities or non-profit making organisations.
Disabled Rates Relief may be awarded for properties used for caring for people that are ill or disabled.
Relief is available for renewable and hydro energy producers who solely produce heat or power (or both) from certain sources and are involved with community organisations.
Rates relief may be provided through the Small Business Bonus Scheme if the rateable value of your property is less than £20,000.
Unoccupied Rates Relief of 50% is awarded for the first three months that a property is empty, industrial properties can get a 6 month exemption. After that the rates charge is set at 90%.
Relief may be granted to day nurseries from 1 April 2018.
Business rates relief is available for new occupation of a previously unoccupied property through the Fresh Start Scheme.
Business rates relief (known as transitional relief) is available if the rateable value of your property his increased from 1st April 2023.
Business rates relief (known as Business Growth Accelerator Relief) may be available for new build properties and properties being expanded or improved.
Empty property relief at 100% can be granted on shooting rights and deer forests where there are no buildings on the land and no commercial shooting or stalking takes place.
Relief is available from business rates to any provider of new fibre infrastructure for telecommunication, this relief is available for a period of 10 years from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2031.
In line with Scottish Government guidance the information will be updated on a quarterly basis.
Page last updated: 21/03/2023
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