Maximum taxi fares

We are responsible for fixing maximum taxi fares across the region. Drivers and taxi firms are free to charge less than these rates or offer discounts.


Mileage is calculated from where you hire the taxi to your destination. For short journeys of up to one and a half miles the maximum charge is £4.50. For each additional half-mile or part thereof, the maximum charge is £1.00.

Unsocial hours

A premium of £1 may be added to the total journey cost between midnight and 6am.

Christmas and New Year holidays

The taxi operator may charge a premium for all journeys between:

  • 5pm on 24 December to 6am and 27 December
  • 5pm on 31 December to 6am and 3 January

This will be agreed by you before taking the journey.

Waiting time

40p can be charged for each 2 minutes of waiting time or part thereof.

Soiling of vehicles

You can be charged up to £100 if you leave a taxi in a condition where it needs to be removed from service for cleaning. Drivers are requested to consider not imposing a charge where soiling has occurred due to a genuine medical condition.

Pre-booked hire

A higher fare may be charged where a taxi is pre-booked but this must be agreed by you before the journey.

Page last updated: 07/05/2019
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