Private Water Supply registration form

You must register private water supplies with us by completing an online form.

We will add details to a public register.


  1. Your DETAILS
    1. Please indicate whether you are: *
  2. Purpose for which water is used on your premises:
    1. Please indicate: *
  3. Type of premises supplied:
    1. For example: private domestic dwelling, office, dairying, food manufacture, washing of produce, school, child day care, village halls, church halls, B&B, holiday let, guest house, hotel, residential home, caravan site, camp site, café, restaurant, hospital, nursing home, show ground and festival and rented properties.
  4. Does another person provide the water supply to your property?
    1. Please indicate: *
    2. If YES, please give name and address of the person providing water:
Page last updated: 21/09/2018
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