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The Scottish Government has introduced Short Term Lets Licensing under legislation approved by the Scottish Parliament in January 2021.


Proposed Extension to the Deadline for Existing Short Term Let Hosts to Apply for a Licence

The Scottish Government intends to lay an affirmative Scottish Statutory Instrument in January 2023 that will seek to amend The Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 (Licensing of Short-term Lets) Order 2022. This is in order to amend the date by which existing hosts must apply for a short-term let licence from 1 April 2023 to 1 October 2023. A decision is expected in early 2023.

This is a one-off six-month extension in recognition of the wider economic circumstances of the cost of living crisis that is placing pressure on existing short-term let hosts and businesses. This will not amend the timescales local authorities have to determine licence applications from existing hosts - this will remain at 12 months.

How to apply for a short-term let licence -

All short term let properties in Scotland will require a licence. This is to ensure they are safe and the people providing them are suitable. The Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 (Licensing of Short-term Lets) Order 2022 came into law on 1 March 2022.  


There will be four types of Short Term Lets Licences:

  • secondary letting - a short-term let involving the letting of property where you do not normally live
  • home letting - using all or part of your home for short term lets whilst you are absent
  • home sharing - using all or part of your own home for short term lets whilst you are there
  • home letting and home sharing - hosts principal home

What we are doing

The licensing scheme will require all licenced short-term lets to comply with mandatory conditions which will apply across Scotland. Dumfries and Galloway Council will check that the premises are compliant with all conditions.

  • Dumfries & Galloway Council will establish a Short Term Lets Licensing Scheme by 1 October 2022
  • Subject to Scottish Parliament approval in January 2023 the date that existing hosts and operators will have to apply for a licence will change from 1 April 2023 to 1 October 2023
  • All short-term let properties will require a license by 1 July 2024


Licensing authorities are required to charge fees in respect of processing and determining, the consideration of applications. The fees are calculated on a cost recovery basis and are reviewed periodically. Currently they are:



Three Year License


Number of bedrooms

Home sharing and home letting licence

Secondary letting licence

Renewal - Home sharing and home letting licence

Renewal - Secondary letting licence

1 to 3





4 to 6





7 +





Licensing fees are non-refundable.

Fees discount offer

The Council is pleased to offer an initial period of discounts on the submission of a short term lets licence application at the following rates:

  • 20% discount for applications received prior to 30 November 2022
  • 10% discount for applications received from 1 December 2022 to 31 January 2023
  • Reverting to the full charge from 1 February 2023

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Short Term Lets Policy

Further information

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