Small Business Bonus Scheme Review

We are currently conducting a review of all businesses in receipt of relief through the Small Business Bonus Scheme (SBBS). You will have received a letter about the review if you receive SBBS relief on your Non-Domestic Rates and that relief is due for review.

Dumfries and Galloway Council is required to review all properties in receipt of SBBS relief periodically. We are simply asking you to complete an online form with your current details so that we can check no details have changed.

No longer liable?

Only complete the review form if you are still liable for rates on the properties shown on your review letter. However, it is important that you advise us of any changes in the occupation or use of the property, or changes to ownership or tenant details. 

You should notify us of any changes by phoning us on 01387 260085 / 260119 or emailing the full details to Failure to do so will result in your being liable for rates charges until we receive the correct details. 

Take part in the review

You must provide current details in relation to your Non-Domestic Rates account(s) using our online form. You must complete a separate form for each property you are liable for that is due for review. Each of the properties that are currently due for review will be detailed on the letter you received and you should complete separate forms for each of those.

The account number(s) and property address(es) shown on the review letter are required as part of the form to ensure your response(s) can be easily linked to your account(s).

Complete the SBBS Review form >

Further information

We will issue a reminder request if we do not receive a response from you.

If we still do not receive updated current details from you after the reminder then we will assume that your situation has changed and will remove your SBBS relief from 1st April 2021. An amended bill would then be issued for payment.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I give the review information by phone?
A. No. In order to retain your rates relief you must complete and submit the review form.

Q. Can I fill out the small business bonus application form on the website?
A. No, it must be the Review Form which is available above

Q. I don't have any rates to pay on my account why do I have to fill this form in?
A. Your rates liability is covered by the 100% relief you receive. If you don't fill in the form and submit it we will cancel your relief and you will be left with a bill to pay.

Q. Will this review affect my rateable value?
A. No. This is only a review of your rates relief. The Assessor is responsible for changes to rateable value and he has  a statutory duty to issue enquiry forms  seeking information for the next rates revaluation in 2023 which he has done.

Q. I don't run a business, I use the premises for my hobby or for storage, do I still fill in the review form?
A. Yes. If you are liable for rates on a commercial property you can still claim the relief even if you do not run a business from it.

Q. I don't own or lease these premises anymore do I still fill in the form?
A. No. You must tell us about any changes to liability. Please send full details by email or phone us and give us the updated details. We will need to know the date you ceased to be liable for the property and who bought it or the name and address of the owner if you rented it.

Q. How do I check what the rateable value of my other properties is?
A. You can check the rateable values on the Scottish Assessor Association website at

Q. I don't know if I should tick sole trader, limited company or individual on the form.
A. You should tick the most appropriate category. We don't know how your business is set up so cannot tell you that but if you are unsure you can tick individual and that means that we will not give your name when we publish information on rates reliefs.

Q. My rates are for shooting rights. Do I still have to fill in the form?
A. Yes. The relief applies on shooting rights and if you do not fill in the review form you will receive a bill for them.

Page last updated: 03/12/2021
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