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Recent releases

Last Updated: 27/09/2021 10:17:12

Council budget 2022/23 - 2024/25. Have your say!
Monday, 27 September 2021 10:17
Dumfries and Galloway's budget for local services remains under substantial pressure. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on our services has added another layer of complexity to the decision-making process. Your Council wants to understand your...
Communities to benefit from Council’s Economic Development Capital Programme
Tuesday, 07 September 2021 11:14
Members of Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Economy and Resources Committee (14 Sept) will receive a report on the Council’s Economic Development Capital Programme. The programme consists of a number of economic development and place based...
Addressing Climate Change through streamlined working
Tuesday, 07 September 2021 11:07
Dumfries and Galloway Council’s 2019/20 Budget stated that there was a need to: ‘Maximise use of fewer assets, working with and within communities’ and highlighted that our estate is ageing and larger than the Council needs or can...
Town Centre Living
Tuesday, 07 September 2021 11:00
Our Council’s £1million Town Centre Living Fund (TCLF), funded from Council Tax on second homes income, supports the regeneration and long-term sustainability of local town centres as well as contributing to the Council’s wider housing...
The SHIP plans for affordable housing
Tuesday, 07 September 2021 10:56
A Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP) sets out a local authority’s strategic investment objectives for housing over a 5 year period, specifically affordable housing, and Gypsy/Traveller accommodation. Members of Dumfries and Galloway...
Changing the face of our High Streets
Tuesday, 07 September 2021 10:54
Members of Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Economy and resources Committee (14 Sept) will be asked to agree to allocations of £120,000 from the recovered Business Loan Fund to the High Street Challenge Fund scheme for 2021/22 and...
Students from D&G Show Strong University Retention Rates
Tuesday, 07 September 2021 09:56
As many students in the region look forward to moving on with their studies in a university setting this month, Dumfries and Galloway’s Education Directorate learn that the success rates of students from D&G have been on or above the national...
Improvements Made in Numbers of D&G Young People Going on to Work and Study
Tuesday, 07 September 2021 09:51
Skills Development Scotland (SDS) have published the most recent data on the participation in education, training or employment of Dumfries and Galloway’s young people. In 2019/20, the participation of the region’s 16–19-year-olds was...
Council services up for awards
Monday, 06 September 2021 15:51
The Council’s Waste Services and Registration teams have been shortlisted for the APSE service awards to be announced on 9 September: Best Service Team - Waste Management and Recycling Service: Rollout of the new kerbside collection service...
Stewartry Lord Lieutenant appointed
Wednesday, 01 September 2021 13:19
Matthew Murray Kennedy St Clair, The Lord Sinclair, has been appointed as Her Majesty The Queen's Lord Lieutenant for the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. He was appointed as Deputy Lieutenant of The Stewartry in 2016 and succeeds the late Patsy Gilroy as...
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