Langholm Flood Protection Scheme

A Strategic Flood Risk Appraisal was carried out by Dumfries and Galloway Council in 2007 which highlighted Langholm as one of the top five settlements in the region in terms of the numbers of properties at risk of flooding. Subsequently SEPA published their National Flood Risk Assessment in December 2011 identifying Langholm a Potentially Vulnerable Area (PVA).

Latest News - Updated 21 March 2022

The Project Team are currently revising the Environmental Scoping Report following the amendment to the Scheme which removed the overflow channel across Buccleuch Park. The Scoping Report identifies all of the significant matters (and surveys) that should be carried out as part of the Assessment and included in the final Environmental Impact Assessment Report. A summary of this process can be found below:

We have also prepared a briefing note on how the Scheme costs are calculated and this can be viewed below:

Finally, we have been asked about how Schemes take into account climate change and carbon emissions. This again is outlined in a briefing note as follows:

Engagement late 2021

The Project Team held an engagement event in October 2021 which included mock up displays of the defences, 3D images, full Scheme layout plans and discussions with the Community.

Following this, the Council received approximately 320 objection letters and the standard template of this and the Councils response to address the points raised can be viewed below;

The Scheme was considered at Communities Committee in December 2021 where it was agreed to progress the Scheme through the Environmental Impact Assessment process. This assessment will consider the impact of the Scheme on the surrounding environment, which includes the air, soil, water, and human health (this includes visual impacts), both during any construction and in the long term. Completion of this piece of work will enable the Council to make a more informed choice and consider all the relevant aspects and impacts of the proposed Scheme. The EIA will take about 6 months to complete.

Scheme Amendment  

As a result of the feedback received at the engagement event and in the objection letters an element on the design will be changed. The Council are proposing to remove the Buccleuch Park overflow channel for the Wauchope Water from the Outline Design. Whilst the inclusion of the overflow offered a small reduction in defence heights in certain parts of the town, the concerns raised about this option and the adverse impact it could have on the park, led to a review and it is proposed that it no longer forms part of the Scheme. This revision will be reported to the Communities Committee at their next meeting on 3 February 2022.

The latest images on the Scheme are available to view as follows:

Virtual Tour and 3D Flythrough


The Council appointed RPS to undertake a Flood Modelling Study with the results contained in the following reports;

RPS were appointed to progress the Flood Protection Scheme and the following document details the process followed.

All options were reviewed and presented to both Stakeholders and the local Community;

Option review stage 1

This involved assessing and considering a long list of potential options and refining this to a short list of potential schemes/interventions; 

Option review stage 2

At this stage the short list was considered with the optimum solution taken forward as a Preferred Scheme;

The Council and RPS are now working on the final Outline Design of the Preferred Scheme following feedback received at the second engagement events and further details will be uploaded shortly.

Supporting/background documents

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