Mariner notice issued 14 February - Southern Loch Ryan diving ops 19 February - 20 February.

Active notice for Stranraer West Pier/ Marina

Scientific diving operations in the vicinity of position:

  • 54 56'.60N
  • 005 00'.80W

4 cables west of Leffnoll Point, (approximately 1 nautical mile south of Port of Cairnryan), will be taking place from 19-20 Feb 2024.

An HSE compliant dive team of 3 divers will be operating off MV Vital Spark and supported by the RIB Dicodoris, monitoring CH 16 & 67.

Up to 4 snorkel surveyors in standing depths (and therefore out of the way of any boating traffic) to the west of Loch Ryan, in Wig Bay, will also be undertaken during this period.

All diving and snorkel activity will have surface supervision displaying an 'A' flag.

All vessels are requested to keep clear of diving operations and pass at slow speed.

NB- This NtM supersedes DGC24 001 and will self-cancel on 20 February 2024.

Page last updated: 15/02/2024
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