Community Conversation: UK Government Long Term Plan for Towns - Dumfries

The Council will host a community conversation on Thursday 15 February 2024 to give information about the establishment of a Dumfries Town Board and to seek community nominations for the Council to consider in its appointment of a chairperson.

Council officers will host:

  • an on-line session at 5pm, register at
  • an in-person session at a pop-up venue at 109 High Street, Dumfries (near the Midsteeple) at 7pm, with the support of Loreburn Community Council.

A nomination form can be filled in on-line using the link below, with hard-copies available from the venue. Nominations will close at 5pm on Monday 19 February 2024.

Long Term Plan for Towns

In September 2023 the UK Government launched its 'Long-Term Plan for Towns', supporting 55 UK towns including seven in Scotland as part of the Levelling-Up programme. Dumfries has been selected and will receive £20 million in endowment-style funding over 10 years from 2024/25. Detailed guidance was published in December 2023 on the process for establishing a Town Board to develop and deliver a Long-Term Plan for each town.

The Town Board is to be independently chaired and be formed to represent community interests, business perspectives and public organisations. The Long-Term Plan they will develop must include a 10-year vision, and an initial 3-year investment plan.

The UK Government sets out the following expectations and timescales in its guidance -

  • As early as possible the Council to appoint a Chair for the Town Board, doing so in consultation with local MPs.
  • The Council to work with the Chair to form the Town Board and for it to have its first meeting no later than 1 April 2024.
  • The UK Government has asked that the Long-Term Plan for Dumfries be submitted by 1 August 2024, the practicalities of this are being discussed.

At its meeting of 30 January 2024, the Council's Economy and Resources Committee agreed on a way forward to making the appointment of the Chair of the Town Board. This includes canvassing for community views and nominations, prior to making a decision at the Full Council meeting of the 27 February.

A community conversation both online and in-person will be held on Thursday 15 February about the establishment of a Dumfries Town Board and to seek community nominations for the Council to consider in its appointment of a chairperson.

The Government guidance on the Chairperson states:

The chairperson should act as a champion for the town and provide leadership for the Town Board, ensuring it is community-led and embedded within the local area. They can be anyone who holds a prominent role such as:

  • a local charitable organisation
  • a philanthropist
  • the head of a Further Education College
  • a director for the NHS Board or Trust
  • a director of a football club

Further Infomation 

Further information about the Long-Term Plan for Towns, the role of the chairperson, Town Board and Council is set out in the briefing note document below: 

If you have any further queries about the role or the process please email In addition, as queries come in, a FAQ document will be added to the page.

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Page last updated: 09/02/2024
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