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What is UCI World Cycling Championships?

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is the world governing body of cycling, recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). It was founded on 14 April 1900 in Paris (France). Its headquarters have been located at the UCI World Cycling Centre (WCC) in Aigle (Switzerland). The UCI has 202 National Federations, spread across five Continental Confederations.

The world's greatest riders will get together in Glasgow and across Scotland to complete at the highest level, make history, and show the world the power of the bike. 

There are 13 world championships across seven disciplines in Glasgow and across Scotland. 

You can find out more about the UCI championships at https://www.cyclingworldchamps.com/championships/

When will the event take place?

The UCI World Cycling Championships take place from 3 to 13 August in Glasgow and across Scotland.

Here in Dumfries and Galloway, the UCI World Paracycling Road Championships take place from 9 to 12 August.

You can find more on the events schedule at https://www.cyclingworldchamps.com/schedule/

Where will the event take place?

There will be activities relating to the UCI World Cycling Championships taking place Glasgow and across Scotland.

Here in Dumfries and Galloway, the UCI World Paracycling Road Championships takes place in Dumfries, Terregles, Shawhead, Crichton and Glencaple. See the course maps and competition schedule.

Where will the finish lines be?

Here in Dumfries and Galloway the finish lines will be at Whitesands for the Time Trials and the Crichton estate for the Road Race.

Will the event be accessible?

Yes. There will be accessible access points, accessible facilities including toilets at various locations along the courses.

Can I ride the race circuit?

No. During the time of the Road Closure Orders no unauthorised vehicles, including cycles, will be permitted.  Spectators are welcome to attend the event by bicycle, as long as you follow the road rules and watch out for others. Please move off the course when directed by the Police or event stewards.

Can I cheer on the riders from my property?

Absolutely!  The UCI World Paracycling Road Championships is FREE, fast-paced, and features the world's best cyclists - they would love to hear thousands of fans cheering them on from the sidelines as they take to the streets of Dumfries, Terregles, Shawhead, Crichton and Glencaple.

Can I volunteer at the event?

Absolutely!  Applications for the UCI World Cycling Championships are now open. Please check out the Volunteer page for more details and to sign up at https://uci2023.rosterfy.com/invite/Specialist_Invitation

Do I have to pay or book to watch the event in-person?

No. Attending the UCI World Paracycling Road Championships is completely FREE and we encourage you to come and see the world's best cyclists racing throughout the championships.

Other UCI World Cycling Championships are ticketed.  Please check out the Tickets page at https://tickets.cyclingworldchamps.com/

Traffic and Transport

Where can I cross as a pedestrian?

At existing pedestrian crossings - such as traffic lights, zebra crossings and the like. There will be friendly course marshals there to help so you know when it's safe. It's not just the cyclists to watch out for, it's all of the race "caravan" - team support cars, commissaires (the race officials), medical, mechanics, and broadcast motorbikes.

When will road be closed?

The road closures will vary day-to-day based on the competition schedule. Roads will be progressively reopened daily as soon as it is safe to do so. Indicative road closure times are available on the Community information page and interactive maps.

Will I be able to access my house / business by car?

Homes and businesses in and around road closure areas will have limited car access at times. The Local Organising Committee is working to make arrangements where we can to manage parking, deliveries and access for visitors, customers and staff. We'll be reaching out to residents and business owners directly affected by road closures with more information closer to the event and following the approval of Traffic Management Plans.

Will on-street parking conditions change?

Yes. We will need to change parking arrangements in some areas as there is no parking on any part of the courses during the road closures. Parking changes are expected to be in place in the days prior to and during the event. We'll share more information about these changes closer to the event.

Where can I park my car in the lead up to and during the event?

For the safety of the community, participants and spectators, there will be temporary road closures each day of the event, as well as changes to street parking and service delivery.  Roads are open before and after event times each day, and there will be no street parking on roads used for the races. This includes all vehicles, trailers and caravans.

On-street parking will be available on roads not utilised for the race as per regular conditions. 

In limited and specific circumstances, the Local Organising Committee and Dumfries and Galloway Council are working with stakeholders to identify potential alternative parking sites for businesses, community organisations and residents. These will be communicated directly to relevant stakeholders.

Will there be penalties for driving or parking in restricted areas?

Yes.  There may be temporary restrictions and changes to traffic and parking rules.  Penalties may apply for not following the rules, and vehicles will be towed from restricted areas. Please check the signs before you park.

Will there be changes to public transport?

Yes.  There will be changes to some public transport services in the lead up to and during the event.  Find out more about how bus timetables will be affected on our Timetables page and for further information please see the Transport and travel page.

How will I get to work / my doctor / the gym / a service provider / a sporting event or training during the event?

We encourage you to plan ahead and consider active transport wherever possible to avoid road closures and congestion. To assist with your early planning, please see the course map and indicative road closure times in the Road Closures page.

I have visitors coming during the event - how can they access my house?

If you live in a road closure area, visitors may not be able to drive directly to your home. Arrangements will be different in each case, and it's important to plan ahead.  We'll provide more details about arrangements for access and parking to people in road closure areas closer to the event.

How do I get deliveries if my street is closed?

During road closures, delivery drivers may have limited access to some parts of the event area. Please try to plan ahead and work with the delivery company where you can to make alternative arrangements, such as adjusting the delivery time, date or location.

Community Services

What if I need an ambulance or emergency service?

Emergency access will always be our priority.  We're working with emergency services to make sure they'll still be able to respond to emergencies quickly and safely.  There will also be key emergency services at the Event Control Centre.

Will waste collection be impacted?

Yes.  Waste pick-ups will be affected in parts of the event area during and in the lead-up to the event. Dumfries and Galloway Council is working to review and adjust service plans.

Affected properties in Lochfield Road, Windsor Place, Palmerston View, Terregles Street, Terregles Road, Yarrow Place, Yarrow Gardens, Yarrow Avenue, Yarrow Drive, Hardthorn Crescent, Gloucester Avenue, Alexandra Drive, Hardthorn Meadows, St Anne's Road, Babbington Gardens, Loch Road, Maxwelltown Drive, Blackley Park Place, Blackley Park Road, Blackley Park Place and Blackley Park Gardens have all been lettered to explain that their collection day will be Friday 11 August instead of Thursday 10 August.

I require a care to visit regularly - will this be permitted?

The Local Organising Committee is working with Dumfries and Galloway Health and Social Care Partnership, traffic management experts and partners to provide access to properties wherever possible.  We are also contacting service providers to provide as much information as possible. Access times may be restricted - please contact cwc@dumgal.gov.uk if you have any questions about specific care needs.

Will my regular training / class / activity be cancelled because of the event?  Will I get a refund?

We're working with businesses where possible to limit the impact of the event on their day-to-day operations.  However, each business will have their own arrangements and/or cancellation policies.  

Please talk to your service provider directly about this.

How will animal emergencies be handled?

We will liaise with local vets to ensure local residents and farm businesses can be assisted in case there is an emergency with their animals.  Vets will be provided with event information and a contact number to call to request access to properties affected by road closures during event times.

Information for Businesses

How do my customers, staff and suppliers access my business when the roads are closed?

We're working on a toolkit to support businesses and help them update their customers, staff and suppliers about changes during the event.

What opportunities are there for my business during the event?

The Local Organising Committee and Dumfries and Galloway Council will be providing more information to businesses in the coming weeks about ways to show support for and get involved with the event.

Can I host a UCI World Paracycling Road Championships event?

We'd love local businesses to join in and show their support for the event!  There are lots of ways you can take part, like dressing retail windows or creating special offers.  Businesses can host local events throughout the Championships week but they cannot be promoted as official UCI World Cycling Championships affiliated events. The Local Organising Committee and Dumfries and Galloway Council will be providing more information to businesses in the coming weeks about ways to get involved.

Community Feedback

How do I find our more or provide feedback?

Local residents, organisations and businesses are invited to send their queries and suggestions via email to cwc@dumgal.gov.uk. We will endeavour to respond to emails within two working days of receipt.

Where can I get UCI World Paracycling Road Championships / UCI World Cycling Championships updates?

We will continue to update the UCI World Paracycling Road Championships event information here.

For UCI World Cycling Championships updates check out https://www.cyclingworldchamps.com/

Page last updated: 08/08/2023
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