Dumfries and Galloway Council Design Awards 2023

The 2023 Design Awards are for development or building works completed between 1 April 2019 and 31 March 2023


Dumfries and Galloway Design Awards first took place in 2016 and again in 2019.  The awards set out to recognise, celebrate and promote design that provides new, restored and/or adapted buildings and places which have been conceived and developed sensitively, in a manner that will help the region meet its environmental goals. 

Development slowed down in the last few years due to lockdown restrictions, so the 2023 Design Awards cover a 4-year period, for projects completed between the 1 April 2019 and 31 March 2023.

The Design Awards are organised by the Council's Local Development Plan Team, part of the Economy and Resources Directorate.  Three independent judges evaluated the projects and selected those they thought deserved recognition. There are no pre-decided categories because some of the entries in previous Design Awards could not be neatly assigned to a single category.


Design Awards 2023

Independent Judging Panel

Kirsty Macari

Current Convenor of RTPI Scotland; board member of Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS), and Co-Head of Undergraduate Programmes (Architecture & Urban Planning and Contemporary Art Practice) at Dundee University

Sanne Roberts

Heritage & Design Officer at Scottish Borders Council.

Mark Douglas

Recently retired architect and planner based in the south of Scotland.


2023 D&G Design Awards - Judging Considerations


  • How has the design shown an understanding of the site and setting?
  • Has the siting, form or materials of the surroundings informed the design?
  • Has the scheme regenerated and enhanced the site and surroundings when before is compared with after?
  • How does the finished scheme sit within its urban or rural setting?
  • Have existing natural and historic site features been identified and looked after in the scheme?
  • Has the entry communicated and justified the approach taken?

Environmental Impact & Sustainable Design

  • Are there long-term environmental benefits?
  • How has the design minimised the carbon footprint?
  • Are the materials and techniques used appropriate to last and preserve the existing fabric in the long term?
  • Has the project retained embodied energy, used locally sourced and sustainable material and minimised the energy use of the project?
  • Is there sustainable water management, renewable energy generation and/or low energy technology?
  • What standard has the project reached in Scottish Building Standards for sustainability?

Economy, Innovation & Community

  • Has the project generated local employment opportunities and/or help skill the local workforce?
  • Are there any innovative skills or techniques or a return to traditional skills and techniques in the project?
  • What has the project contributed to the community in terms of benefit which could be social or other housing, workspace, community facility, recreational resource or education opportunity or another type?

Design & Standard of Work

  • How does the project exhibit quality in the design and workmanship?
  • Has attention to detail been demonstrated?
  • How has the design met the needs of the client brief?


If you need to discuss any details of the Design Awards, please contact Mizzy Marshall at marie.marshall@dumgal.gov.uk

Page last updated: 21/09/2023
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