Information Strategy

This document sets out the strategic objectives for managing the Council's information as a critical asset.


Our overarching and long-term vision is to seamlessly integrate information and records management requirements into the digital environment for Council staff and those working with the organisation. This will play an important role in enabling the Council to deliver our priorities as well as maximising the potential of information to facilitate continuous improvement.

The strategy has been developed on the basis that information is:

  • Critical to the efficiency and effectiveness of the Council.
  • Recognised and valued as an asset, which is demonstrated through delivery of this strategy.
  • Managed efficiently and consistently, and in a way that enables delivery of our core organisational objectives.
  • Appropriately secured while remaining readily accessible at the right time and place and in the right format to facilitate delivery of services.
  • Reliable, accurate, and proactively managed throughout all stages of the life cycle.

Strategic Objectives

Our strategic objectives to achieve our vision are to:

  • Assess where it would improve business processes, move towards the digitisation of information, focussing on contributing to the delivery of business objectives.
  • Implement an information governance framework across the organisation, which will enable the consistent application of standards and the maximisation of system functionality to automate tasks wherever possible.
  • Deliver cost effective solutions to managing information and records which seamlessly integrate with the organisation's core business processes.

The strategy was approved by Communities Committee in October 2022.

More information

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