Closure of Debenhams Store in Dumfries

"Our thoughts are first and foremost with those Debenhams employees who have lost their jobs, and how we can support them at this very difficult time. Debenhams' head office has been contacted to understand more detail around the closure and how best we can work with them to help staff", said Rob Davidson, Chairman of Economy and Resources committee.

Councillor Davidson added,

We're working with our PACE partners (Partnership Action for Continuing Employment) to develop a package of support and ensure they are able to access training and other employment opportunities as quickly as possible.

Archie Dryburgh, Vice-chairman of the committee said:

"We're also keen to work closely with Debenhams and the property owners, regarding the future of this important space in Dumfries town centre, and we're seeking early discussions with both on this.  The economic recovery of our town centres post-Covid-19 is an absolute priority for our Council, and we have been working hard to support our local businesses throughout so that we can emerge from this in the strongest possible position."

Councillor Dryburgh added:

"We're also closely watching the current situation with Arcadia Group, and their Burton and Dorothy Perkins shops in Dumfries, which at this point remain open."

Councillor Davidson concluded:

"These are big businesses, that make the headlines, but we know that it is not just 'big business' that has been affected during this pandemic. There have been many self-employed, micro and small businesses that have ceased trading across Dumfries and Galloway.   Whatever your circumstances, we're here to help - you can find out more about our help and support at"

Page last updated: 08/12/2020
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