Coronavirus (COVID-19) -
Information and advice.

NOTICE: CORONAVIRUS (SCOTLAND) ACT 2020: para 4, Schedule 5

In terms of paragraph 4, Schedule 5 of the above Act, this notice advises that all four Divisional Licensing Boards for Dumfries and Galloway are unable to comply with their obligations under sections 9A and 9B Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 to publish within the required legal timeframe their annual functions and financial reports 2019/2020 for reasons relating to COVID-19.

Those reasons include that many staff in the licensing team are currently temporarily redeployed to other teams within the Council to assist in COVID-19 related work, including shielding the vulnerable.

In terms of their powers under paragraph 4, Schedule 5 of the above Act, all four Boards estimate that they will publish these reports no later than 31 December 2020.

Caroline Treanor
Interim Clerk to the Boards
17 April 2020

Page last updated: 17/04/2020
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