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Recycling points in the Community

In addition to our Household Waste Recycling Centres, there are glass, can and textile recycling banks for household waste across the region. Find out where your local recycling point is using our Find My Nearest tool, or you can view all locations below.

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(all colours)(steel and aluminium)
Annandale and Eskdale
Tesco Car Park, AnnanYesYes 
Gretna Community CentreYesYesYes
Langholm Co-op Car ParkYesYesYes
Lochmaben Castle Street Car ParkYesYesYes
Lockerbie McJerrow Park Car ParkYesYesYes
Lockerbie Tesco Car ParkYesYes 
The Haggs, Ecclefecham  Yes
Langlands Road, EcclefechanYes  
Village Hall, EaglesfieldYes  
Village Hall, CummertreesYes  
Canonbie Public Hall, Bowholm, CanonbieYes  
Ben Mar Store, nr The Moffat Woollen Mill, MoffatYesYesYes



(all colours)(steel and aluminium)
Ae Village SchoolYes  
Bankend Community CentreYes  
Crichton Hall Car Park, DumfriesYes  
Customer Service Centre, Gillbrae Road, DumfriesYes  
Dercongal Road, Holywood, DumfriesYes  
Dumfries Morrisons Car ParkYesYesYes
Dumfries Tesco Cuckoo Bridge Car ParkYesYes 
Dumfries Tesco Peel Centre Car Park, Lockerbie Road, DumfriesYesYes 
Dunscore Parish Church Car ParkYes Yes
Eastpark Farm, Caelaverock, Bankend, DumfriesYes  
Firmuir Avenue CloseburnYes  
Kier Mill Hall Car ParkYes  
Kirkconnel Public ToiletsYesYes 
Kingholm Quay Community Centre, Laghall Court, Kingholm Quay, DumfriesYes  
Mill Road Car Park, DumfriesYes  
Moniaive Village Car ParkYesYesYes
New Abbey Abbey Car ParkYes  
Nithsdale Mills (Loreburne Housing)Yes  
Penpont Village Car ParkYesYes 
Sanquhar Simpson Road Car ParkYesYes 
Car Park, Shore Road, GlencapleYes  
The 19th Hole, Southerness, DumfiesYes  
Thornhill LibraryYesYesYes
Village Hall, Steele Avenue, LochfootYes  
Wanlockhead Community CentreYes  


(all colours)(steel and aluminium)
Balmaclellan Stores, BalmcalellanYes                                                                 
Beaconsfield Place, KirkcudbrightYesYes Yes
Next to Primary School, AuchencairnYes  
Bowling Cub, Shore Road, AuchencairnYes  
Bowling Green Car Park, KirkgunzeonYes  
Car Park, High Street, Gatehouse of FleetYesYesYes
Car Park, Old Military Road, RhonehouseYes  
Castle Douglas Co-op Car ParkYesYesYes
Castle Douglas Tesco Car ParkYes  
Dalbeattie Water Street Car ParkYesYesYes
Gatehouse of Fleet High Street Car ParkYes Yes
Harbour Car Park, Port Road, PalnackieYes  
Kirkcudbright HarbourYesYesYes
Kirlkand Street, St John's Town of DalryYes  
Loch Arthur Farm Shop, BeeswingYes  
Main Street, Haugh of UrrYes  
Memorial Hall, St Michael's Road, CrossmichaelYes  
Memorial Hall, Victoria Street, SpringholmYes  
New Abbey Abbey Car ParkYes  
New Galloway Main Street Car ParkYes  
Quarry Road Car Park, KippfordYes  
St David Street, Kirkpatrick DurhamYes  
Village Hall Car Park, RingfordYes  
Village Hall, 3 Main Street, TwynholmYes  
Village Hall, Maiden Row, CrocketfordYes  
Village Hall, Main Street, GelstonYes  


(all colours)(steel and aluminium)
Creetown Adamson Square Car ParkYes                                                  
New Luce Village HallYes  
Port William Harbour AreaYes  
Portpatrick Village HallYes Yes
Wigtown Lorry ParkYes Yes
Drummore Public ToiletsYes  
The Old Village Shop, DunragitYes  
Garlieston Public Toilet Car ParkYes  
Bowling Green Car ParkYes  
Glentrool Community Hall , The Old School, GlentroolYes  
Kirkcowan Village HallYes  
Community HallYes  
Leswalt Village HallYes  
Lochans Village HallYes  
Recreation Ground, Ghyll Crescent, Minigaff, DG8 6DTYes  
Village Hall, Main Street, Sorbie, DG8 8EGYes  
Village Hall StoneykirkYes  
Agnew Crescent Harbour Car ParkYes  
Ryan Leisure CentreYes  
Park Lane, Whithorn, DG8 8PHYes  
Main Street, Sandhead, DG9 9JFYes  
Riverside Carpark, Newton StweartYes  
Playing Field Car Park, Newton SrweartYes  
Village Hall, Isle of WhithornYes  
Car Park, KirkcolmYes  
Playing Field opposite Castle Kennedy SchoolYes  




Page last updated: 25/08/2021
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