Moffat Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management Plan

Moffat is located in the district of Annandale in the Scottish Borders, around 21 miles north of Dumfries and within the Dumfries and Galloway Council Region.

On 2 May 2019, Dumfries and Galloway Council will begin a public consultation on the following supplementary guidance to the Local Development Plan:

Why we are consulting

Moffat Conservation Area was originally designated in 1970 and amended in 1997.  Keeping local historic character is an important part of a community's sense of place. The draft Moffat Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management Plan supplementary guidance identifies the key features of the conservation area and reconsiders the boundaries.  Local people have a great deal of knowledge to share about the history of their town and are being invited to comment on the document and proposed boundary changes. Conservation area appraisals and management plans are helpful to support many regeneration and investment initiatives.

Have your say

The consultation will last until Friday 28 June 2019.

Comments are invited from anyone with an interest in Moffat Conservation Area and may be submitted in writing to or to Development Planning, Kirkbank House, English Street, Dumfries, DG1 2HS.

As part of the public consultation there will be a drop-in event to view the Draft Moffat Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management Plan document in Moffat Town Hall for members of the public on Wednesday 8 May 2019 between 4pm and 8pm.

What we'll do with the results

The comments received will be considered carefully and amendments will be made to the supplementary guidance.  The amended document and conservation area boundary changes will go before a Committee of the Council to seek approval and formal adoption of the supplementary guidance and amendment of the Moffat Conservation Areas, if agreed, will follow.

Page last updated: 24/06/2022
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