Annandale South Ward Event - 7 February 2019

A ward event was held on Thursday, 7 February to provide residents of Annandale South with an opportunity to learn about road repair processes and SUSTRANS funding for cycle routes and footpaths.

We asked

You to come along to this opportunity to learn about, and give feeback on, road repairs including the reporting, prioritisation and inspection process and SUSTRANS funding for cycle routes and footpaths. 

You said

What we'll do with the results

  • There will be a note taken by Communities Directorate officers in a 'community friendly' format, which will record the key issues raised during the Event. This will be sent to Elected Members and attendees (should they choose to provide an email address) and posted on the Council's website.
  • Any recommendations for action will be reported to the relevant officer, area or service Committee for consideration.
  • Any other issues raised out with the Event topic will also be recorded and sent to the appropriate Council Service or partner for consideration.
  • A report will be submitted to the Communities Committee on a six-monthly basis, providing information on the recommendations arising from the Ward Events during that period and any follow up action by officers or Committees; and a progress report after the first six months of operation to the Sub Committee on Standing Orders.

Further information

Page last updated: 07/05/2019
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