Workshop - Pre-Retirement (LGPS members)

A pre-retirement course for local LGPS members thinking of retiring in the near future.

This workshop is only for members of the Dumfries and Galloway Council Local Government Pension Scheme

Cost - Free
Venue - Online

To book a place email

Workshop overview

This workshop is suitable for any LGPS members regardless of grade, considering leaving employment on normal, early or ill health retirement, or taking flexible retirement, within approximately the next year or so, or who isn't sure when they would like to retire.

Partners are encouraged and welcome to attend (subject to your employers' consent).

The aim of the workshop is to encourage a positive and realistic approach to a healthy and financially secure retirement and help you decide at what age you would like to retire.

The workshop will provide a greater awareness and understanding of:

  • changes in your lifestyle and options available to build a new way of life
  • practical "doable" actions to protect your health in retirement
  • choices you need to make about your occupational pension before you leave
  • where you can expect income from, and how it is taxed differently in retirement
  • what banks, building societies and a range of investment assets can do for you
  • why increased life expectancy increases the dangers of inflation, and how to combat it
  • how to minimise investment risk, and guaranteed investments
  • how to ensure your estate is passed to your intended beneficiaries
  • how to deal with long term care costs and inheritance tax
  • the opportunity to request Independent Financial Advice (consultation is free of charge and without obligation or pressure)


Page last updated: 19/08/2021
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