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Below Tolerable Standard Grants

£200,000 of the fund has been allocated to tackle properties that fail to meet the Tolerable Standard across Dumfries and Galloway.


Unfortunately due to significant demand, funding for the BTS Grant Scheme for this year has now been allocated to eligible properties.  We are still able to provide you with guidance/advice in relation to the property issues you have.  We have been in touch with those on our waiting list and will be arranging visits to these properties soon.

If you have a new enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us for guidance/advice regarding your property defect.

A house meets the Tolerable Standard if it:

  • is structurally stable
  • is substantially free from rising or penetrating damp
  • has satisfactory provision for natural and artificial lighting, for ventilation and heating
  • has satisfactory thermal insulation
  • has an adequate piped supply of wholesome water available within the house
  • has a sink provided with a satisfactory supply of both hot and cold water
  • has a water or waterless closet available for the exclusive use of the occupants of the house and suitably located within the house
  • has a fixed bath or shower and a wash-hand basin, each provided with a satisfactory supply of both hot and cold water and suitably located in the house
  • has an effective system for the drainage and disposal of foul and surface water
  • in the case of a house having a supply of electricity it requires to comply with the relevant requirements in relation to the electrical installations;
    • "the electrical installation" is the electrical wiring and associated components and fittings, but excludes equipment and appliances; or
    • "the relevant requirements" are that the electrical installation is adequate and safe to use;
  • has satisfactory facilities for the cooking of food
  • has satisfactory access to all external doors and outbuildings.

Where properties fail to meet the Tolerable Standard, grant assistance to carry out the required repairs may be made available to homeowners, private sector landlords and for commercial properties who have a responsibility for shared works. 

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Page last updated: 10/09/2021
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